Getting lost

Hi, i'm Kayla! I'm going with the flow of life and following whatever plan God has for me (:

This is my life and what goes on in my head.

I love Augustus Waters.

And I love The Fault in Our Stars. Seriously, John Green is a literary genius. I have never wanted anything more then for a book to end mid-sentence, mid-thought. I want to read An Imperial Affliction so badly. I want to play Counterinsurgence the blind way. I want to see the iepen greet the Spring with confetti. I want to taste stars at Oranjee. I want to be enamored with metaphors. I want to trade books with a guy and have him love it every but as much as I do. I want to be existentially fraught about a frivolous past time.

Basically, I fell in love with this book the way one falls asleep-slowly then all at once.

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