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Community Art Project for Boston

With everything that has been going on in Boston with the last week, I think it’s really important to think about the children who have been effected by these events. They’re so young and most likely feel very unsafe in the place were they grew up and call home. I wanted to do a little project to reach out to them to show them that people care for them and are supporting them through all of this all over the country.

I have these little cutouts of people and I thought it would be cool if people could print it out and draw on it. Maybe write encouraging messages or just draw something happy to remind them that everything’s going to get better.

I’ve told some of my classes about it as well, so their drawing’s plus anyone else’s will be sent to a few of the middle schools that are around Copley Square, Watertown, and MIT in Massachusetts. 


That’s the little guy. If you want me to send yours to Boston, just print him out (or decorate him via Paint on your computer) and scan him back in to your computer and submit them to me here on Tumblr or email them to

If anyone’s interested in helping out, let me know.


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